Facebook: “The Social Network” Music Tracks Released

For fans of online social networking site “Facebook”, who have been living in a cave in recent months may have missed news of the new movie “The Social Network” set to be released in October. The movie is based around CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg” and some of his co-students from Harvard. The students have accused the CEO of stealing the idea from them to set up a social networking site.

Brenda Ehrlich at Mashable reported that today, rocker musician “Trent Reznor” has announced five songs from the film’s soundtrack which can be downloaded free from tomorrow. For those of you interested, the film’s record can be heard on September 28 and the entire album released on Amazon’s website for the retail price of $2.99. Check out a teaser from the new record which can be heard from Reznor’s record company “Null Co’s Website“ .

For now, you will have to make up your own mind what you think about this latest record and subsequent album? Give us your thoughts. To read more on this and to check out Null Co’s website log onto Mashable

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    Creep Song seems to be nice..will have to listen all songs and then comment…