Facebook Places To Be Enjoyed By UK Now

For Facebook Places the location-sharing iPhone app, is not only proving to be a great hit in the US but users in the UK will be pleased to learn that now, they to, can enjoy what it has to offer! News in today, has confirmed that the app which was only released last month to the US market followed by Japan, will carry on its expansion to other European countries.

According to Josh Halliday at Guardian.co.uk, Facebook have at times endured criticism regarding privacy issues and speculation surrounded whether Places would at times get the same reaction. Product Manager “Michael Sharon” for Facebook Places, has hit back by saying, “There were three goals behind its new location-sharing service: to make it easier to share where you are, discover new places and discover new friends“. He then went on to say, “We wanted to prepare a robust set of privacy controls. I’m really proud of what we’ve done with the Places privacy settings because they are unprecedented in the industry at this moment in time”.

Have you used Facebook Places yet on your iPhone? To find out more on this story including views on privacy settings, log onto Guardian.co.uk