Twitter: Talk To A Celebrity Via “TwitChange” For A Donation

Whether or not you are fan of online social networking site “Twitter”, you may be interested to hear of a new idea that could get you talking with your favorite celebrity! For now, news has been announced of “TwitChange”. A new and creative idea has launched today that allows users to donate money via a charity auction.

According to Brenda Ehrlich at Mashable, once a user has donated a sum of money (any amount), they will automatically be entered in to bid for the chance to be able to talk to their chosen celebrity. Famous names are increasing on the list. All donations given will be used to help charity “” which has been set up to help reconstruct the “Miriam Center”, a place where children suffering from cerebral palsy, severe autism and other disabilities can be looked after and kept safe.

For those of you who may be delving into your pockets to get that all important cash out, the eBay auction is set to finish on September 25.

To find out more on this, along with what has been reported as, “The Justin Bieber Mega Package”, log onto Mashable. Give us your thoughts on this story?