Mattel Helps Dogs To Twitter

Picture the scene! You are sitting there happily tweeting and you can feel some sad eyes burning into you. You look across and there is your best friend “Rover” staring up at you looking lonely. You feel sad that you have neglected him but feel sad no more, as he to can enjoy tweeting. Ridiculous as it may sound, toy giants “Mattel” have now come with a new idea.

Mattel, best known for Barbie Toys, Board Games, Matchbox and HotWheels are now set to launch “Puppy Tweets”. It will allow your pet dog to inform their doggie friends of their latest daily activities via a sound and motion sensor. “Puppy Tweets” can be attached to your pets collar and at different times, will produce 500 tweets on detection of barking or movement. Your dog’s Twitter page will then be informed and the changes made.

Toy giants Mattel have informed pet lovers that this is just a toy and not fit for any other purpose.

When will this madness stop? What’s next, your cat doing your online shopping? Give us your thoughts on this below. To check out more on this log onto TVNZ