Follow UK visit of Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter and CrowdMap

Today, Thursday September 16, saw Pope Benedict XVI arrive in the U.K. for a 4-day state visit. He was greeted in Edinburgh this morning by thousands of eager followers eager for a glimpse as he passed by in the Popemobile. The Pope also met with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and during the visit will also visit Glasgow, London and Birmingham.

Two words I never thought I’d use in the same sentence were Twitter and Pope but that’s what I’ve just done. In these modern times social media use has extended even to follow a papal visit and the Guardian Edinburgh not only tell how to follow the Pope on Twitter (#papalvisit), but also have an online CrowdMap, and also a live blog. It’s said that over 1 billion people will watch the Pope’s visit to Britain on TV coverage and with the CrowdMap you can actually feel part of the visit.

The idea is to track the Pope’s path around the U.K. and combine usual media information alongside that from people on the street, watching the visit and wanting to share something about the Pope. People can, for example, send in their own photographs of the Popemobile passing by or tell of problems in a certain area with queues or crowds. The CrowdMap also shows areas where the Pope has been sighted, including the Popemobile, as well as plotting on the map other information such as where protests are taking place, the Pope’s itinerary and masses and services.

For more on this go to What do you think of the modern way of keeping up with the Pope’s visit? Will you be following on Twitter or contributing to the CrowdMap? We’d be interested in your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.