Diaspora social network source code and screenshots released

You may remember a few weeks ago that we told you about upcoming social network site, Diaspora, an open source alternative to Facebook, created by four students in New York. The students managed to raise over $100,000 with fundraising to go forward with their scheme and one contributor was Facebook’s own founder, Mark Zuckerburg.

The plan when we last spoke about Diaspora was that it would be open-sourced by September 15 and now news comes that the developers have released the source code along with some screenshots, according to h-online. The idea of Diaspora is to avoid the privacy issues that have surrounded some social networks by having individuals having control of their own “seeds” within an expanded network.

The actual launch is still being planned for October when there will be an alpha version of software which will apparently be able to obtain a Facebook user’s data and incorporate it into storage at the user’s own network node. If you’re interested in the developments of Diaspora and want to keep up with all the latest news then you can do so on Twitter or join the mailing list. The source code is available at GitHub here.

For more on this go to h-online.com. What are your thoughts so far on Diaspora? Do you think this social network will take off or do you think it’s too much to think it may be able to compete against the big boys? We’d be interested in your thoughts on this so please send in your comments.

  • Johnny Random

    Facebook has taken not only a hard-line, but with an arrogant attitude, on user privacy. It's about time that an alternative is available. In addition to Diaspora, there is MyCube, The Fridge and others focused on building privacy and control into social networking, and one of these may very well be successful and take a chunk out of Facebook. I certainly hope so.

  • http://twitter.com/technobuddha @technobuddha

    this is pre-ALPHA stage. everyone wanted some results to be shown, and well they did show.
    its….. PRE and it was give out, so all the developers can work on it as well.

    remember, 4 guys from college and only the summer time to get this out.
    Its not ready for the masses yet. BUT, when it goes into alpha stage, I'll make sure there's an easy to use installer available for windows for anyone who wants: pplsnet.com


  • Interested

    Can't wait for it. So much wrong with Facebook.

  • http://www.viewcaster.net/view/ Viewcaster

    The diaspora project is interesting, but developing, social networking based on open-source platforms is nothing new. There are several established social network sites that offer robust tools users expect like blogs, status updates, friends, etc. without the sketchy, arrogant, sometimes downright creepy, privacy issues we have been forced to live with using FB.

    Viewcaster.net is one example. Unfortunately, the unbelievable reach that FB has makes it difficult for the smaller start-ups to make much headway. MS is a good example of how we can often follow someone backwards down the tech and personal privacy trail due to their influence (read $$) on an industry.

  • Anuradha

    Like to join very soon .all the best Diaspora teem.

  • cck

    multiply reckon they have the safety issue all sorted, the already anti farcebook network. Alas for them, they concentrate on online shopping and have heavily invested in the far east leaving the west out in the cold. personally I will give diaspora a shot, I dislike facebook and their privacy settings are a joke which shared a private family video across the network even after it was only set to be viewed by one person, who could then share it out again. Even if it isnt diasporas time, maybe they will evolve into something much bigger. Zuckenberger signing up to diaspora confirms the old adage, keep your friends close but your enemies closer, so diaspora should be flattered.. farce book obviously sees them as a threat.

  • http://www.yasantha.devsmart.net yasanthabandula

    what a great!!! social net work System Is Diaspora. I LOVE Diaspora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1