YouTube: Band “Weezer” Promote New Video

News has come in today of American alternative punk rock band “Weezer” giving its fans a little treat on social networking site “YouTube”. The band fronted by “Rivers Cuomo”, has now placed an entire selection of videos on the site. The decision was made to do this after Weezer enjoyed fantastic success from a video named “Pork and Beans” from their “Red” album back in 2008.

When Mashable reported on this, the latest set of videos which has been jointly developed with “DashGo” is being launched today September 14, in light of their eighth album “Hurley”. Lead singer Cuomo has said, “We always like to think of new ways to get the word out to people when we have a new record”. He went on to say, “There’s something about the YouTube people – they have a similar energy to what we’re doing… [I feel like] there’s a lot of creativity there. And they’re doing it for the right reasons… They’ve pulled their audiences the hard way”.

For fans of Weezer, they can enjoy the band appearing on channels owned by YouTube celebrities such as “Ray William Johnson”, “Real Annoying Orange” and “Tay Zonday” to name but a few.

Are you a fan of Weezer? Will you be checking out the latest videos? Give us your thoughts below. To look at the videos and read more on this log onto Mashable