Wal-Mart low price – Wireless plan no exception

It seems that Wal-Mart, the store known for its low prices, is now planning its own branded wireless service which will also be available at low cost. The Wal-Mart mobile phone plan called, “Wal-Mart Family Mobile” is certain to set the cat among the pigeons with the competition. Although the store previously offered wireless plans they were under the Verizon and Sprint brand names.

Wal-Mart Family Mobile will set you back $45 a month with unlimited text and voice messaging and extra lines cost $25 each. There’s no contract agreement and payments are post-paid rather than pre-paid but there’s extra cost per gigabyte of data according to Samuel Axon over on Mashable.

Although it’s a Wal-Mart branded service the store is not about to set up its own network of course and it will actually run on the T-Mobile network but with customer support from Wal-Mart. However somewhat surprisingly the Wal-Mart service actually costs less than even T-Mobile’s own plans, showing the network is looking to gain from the wide distribution available through Wal-Mart.

The plan will be offered from $35 and there’ll be five phones offered initially. The service is bound to be a success with low-income families but as data will cost extra will probably not attract the die-hard cell phone fan. For more on this go to mashable.com. Would you be tempted to use the new Wal-Mart Family Mobile plan? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this so why not send us as comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001227391770 Narcissa Gomez

    Anyone who uses their prepaid phone for more than texting and calling and is concerned about data rates might really think twice about this Walmart line, not mention no real customer service established as of yet. I currently use Straight Talk which is sold exclusively at Walmart, but is part of the Tracfone prepaid family and therefore I don't have to worry about customer service. I work for a small firm so staying in touch with my bosses is very important and can get very expensive. At least with Straight Talk, their $45 plan is all inclusive and on a tried better network – Walmart's TMobile network is hardly as dependable from personal experience. I think switching isn't worth loosing such a great plan.