Twitter Executive: We are NOT a social network

Our favorite Micro-blogging site Twitter has re-iterated this week that it is NOT a social network! Twitter’s VP for business and corporate development Kevin Thau, enlightened everyone on this subject as he gave a presentation today at Nokia World 2010. Thau’s bold statement was “Twitter is for news. Twitter is for content. Twitter is for information”.

Many would disagree with this as plenty of people do indeed use their Twitter accounts for social purposes, however according to Read Write Web, Twitter’s primary purpose is its news-delivering mechanisms. Thau has suggested that Twitter is allowing its users to become journalists themselves, so when something interesting happens they can quickly break it to the world and hone their skills that could earn them a big shot job one day.

Thankfully for the Guys over at Twitter their creation is still rapidly growing, especially in other countries such as Brazil and Japan. In fact 60% of the micro-blogging sites growth occurs outside of the U.S, which just proves how much it continues to become popular despite NOT being a social network. The user figure stands at around 145 million and counting.

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