iTunes Instant: No job offer for creator yet

The 15 year old computer genius who created “iTunes Instant” this week has announced on his Twitter page that the messages he received from Apple were not job offers. Young Stephen Ou was tipped to get a big job opportunity from the original iTunes creators, but has had nothing of yet. Last week we saw Google and Youtube “Instants”, and Ou immediately latched onto the concept and created his own version.

Last week we saw Feross Aboukhadijeh get hired by Youtube for a similar creation; he launched the novelty “Youtube Instant” after being inspired by Google’s release “Google Instant“. To get the low down on these topics follow the links.

Ou’s iTunes Instant, speeds up search time for apps and gives live results as you are typing in the search field. So far only congratulations have been in order which were sent by Apple yesterday. Hopefully more promising news will arrive in the next few days. We will update you as soon as we hear anything so stay posted. Alternatively you can visit Stephen’s Twitter page and follow him. Do you think Apple and other big companies should be offering these very young entrepreneurs jobs? Leave us your views.