Facebook Users: Insurance premiums will rise

We have heard this week of criminal gangs targeting their victims by using Facebook and Twitter. The robbers would look at the status and other profile information of potential victims to get an indication of whether they were home or not. If someone has announced they are out of town or on holiday then it would give the burglars the green light to make a raid as addresses and other personal information can be found on the social media sites.

As a result of this according to Insurance Times, people with Facebook and Twitter accounts will be expected to receive a sharp premium increase on their current insurance deal. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has come under criticism recently over the privacy and information sharing settings on his massively used website. Following on from this article we also have similar posts for you which can be found using the links above.

A gang of thieves in Nashua, New Hampshire, were caught red handed after they broke into 50 homes and made off with $100,000 worth of belongings by exploiting people because of their Facebook or Twitter announcements. Insurance companies and the authorities have warned users not to post any of their private information or events online in order to combat the growing problem. Let us know your thoughts on this problem by leaving a comment.