Barack Obama: Causes E-mail teen to recieve life U.S ban

A teen from the U.K has been banned from entering American soil for life after sending U.S president Barack Obama an abusive E-mail. Bedfordshire resident Luke Angel was angered after a recent 9/11 documentary leading to the sending of the message in which he called Mr. Obama a pr*ck.

According to reports from Mashable the FBI took this matter very seriously and immediately contacted British authorities who visited the 17 year old at his home. Angel was then informed that he had been issued with a life ban from the U.S.A. I hope he did not have plans to visit the new Harry Potter theme park any time soon. It is not known whether the ban applies to the whole Angel family or just Luke.

The FBI have stated that digital threats will be treated with the same severity as any other type of threat, and that they are constantly monitoring social networking sites. In a similar incident a man was arrested for announcing on Facebook, that he was going to kill the Colombian president’s son. What are your thoughts on this issue, is it being taken too seriously? Leave us a comment.



  • Kevin W

    People have been conditioned to believe that the Internet's anonymity can protect them and serve as a shield to allow them to say anything they want without repercussions. A threat is a threat, and hopefully articles like this will make people aware that libel, slander, and threats of violence are to be taken seriously regardless of the medium in which they were communicated.

  • tikvallah

    All I see is that he called our president a pr*ck. It doesn't say that he threatened him or tried to harm him in any way. It's called freedom of speech. We are all allowed to think or say anything we like about anyone (as long as we don't threaten or slander them) if we choose. I don't like what he did, but it doesn't sound like he did anything actually wrong…