University bans social media – for one week only

How many of us use social media every day of our lives without even thinking about it? We just take it for granted as though it’s always been there and spend our days on Facebook, Twitter and other sites as though they will always be there. Just recently we told of a new Facebook initiative, the ‘Universities on Facebook’ page, which is already proving popular as a way of communicating on campus.

Just think for one moment though of no social media whatsoever and how long you could stand being without it, a day, maybe two…try a whole week. That’s what one professor in the U.S. has done at the Harrisburg Science and Technology University in Pennsylvania. Provost Eric Darr feels that there are ways and habits that people develop when using technology and wanted his students to experience in a hands-on way what a week without social media would be like, according to an article over on NPR.

Campus computers will have no access whatsoever for this week to any social media tools and at the end of the week the student’s task is to write an essay about what the experience was like. Do we really use social media so much that a week without it would make an impact? I for one feel that we all use it probably an awful lot more than we realize and if we had to do without it for a week would acknowledge how much we depend upon it for necessary things and also of course for enjoyment.

Some students feel they will be untroubled by the experiment while others have already said it will be difficult for them and have started to ease off their use of social media in order to prepare themselves for the inevitable wrench.

It’s certainly an interesting social experiment and maybe we all ought to try it for a week to see how it would impact on our lives…well maybe a day perhaps. For more on this go to Consider your personal use of social media sites and how it would affect your day-to-day life to be without them for a week. We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on this so please do send in your comments.