Facebook Updates Helping Burglars

For those of us who have a Facebook account and enjoy all the benefits of communication with our friends, may now have to consider what we write on our updates. Its all too easy to update our status and let everyone else know what we are doing at any given time including the times we may be away on holiday. But are we opening ourselves up to burglars?

According to Samuel Axon at Mashable, there has been talk of this already happening with location-based Foursquare. It seems that burglars in Nashua, New Hampshire have been delving into Facebook updates to find out when one particular person was not at home. Reports indicate that using social networking sites in this way has resulted in three men already being arrested according to local news station WMUR 9.

Facebook have commented on this latest piece of news and assured users that the arrested three had used a link from a friend of theirs who had updated their status telling everyone that they were leaving town. This particular case is not linked to the Facebook “Places”. The men had carried out more than 50 burglaries but had not used this new concept.

In the future, we may all have to be a little more careful what we include in our status updates. You never know who may be looking!

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