Apple iPad: Released Date Of Christmas?

Rumors are rife at the moment with news in of the Apple iPad next generation possibly being released by Christmas? As of yet, delivery dates, specifications and prices have not been confirmed. We will have to wait a little longer to find out.

When PC World reported on this recent story, indications show that the new updated iPad will incorporate features such as FaceTime video calling, file sharing, multitasking along with a sleek new design and the possibility of a front facing camera. Even with the excitement of the new iPad’s release, it has not escaped criticism. It appears that the new iPad will not benefit from video chat software. Sources have indicated that Apple are now in the late stages of testing the features on the iPad, in the hope of pushing the new device out of it’s doors before the end of the year.

This news has been some what confusing as Apple are renowned for launching “product updates” on a yearly basis.

What are your thoughts on this story? Have you got your fingers crossed that the new iPad will be available by the end of the year? Give us your comments below. To check out more on this log onto PC World

  • Aaron

    The author of this article needs to go back to school. The writing – particularly the grammar and punctuation – is absolutely terrible.

  • Terrance

    Um…why would I care if the Android phones are already a decade ahead of this over-priced, over-hyped flaky garbage from a con-shack like crApple?

    • rguc

      If you don't care then why read the article or comment on it.

  • @SubtleInFiction

    I'd love to see the new iPad out by Christmas. I've been holding off buying an iPad because I think there are much needed improvements that will hopefully come in the new version.