Youtube Instant: Student creator offered big job via Twitter

Computer Science student Feross Aboukhadijeh, of Stanford University must have had a pretty memorable day today as he was offered a big time job by Youtube chief Chad Hurley over Twitter. Feross who created and launched the fun novelty app Youtube Instant was involved in a series of messages with the Youtube CEO, which can be seen by following the link to Mashable.

Initially as you can see by the conversation, the young student thought that this may have been a wind up, only to find that Hurley was dead serious as he could see a talent from the creation. “Youtube Instant”, which is a take on this week’s new launch “Google Instant”, follows the same basic function which involves seeing results before you have pressed enter of fully typed the search term.

Opposed to search suggestions you will see video suggestions and recommendations, as the tool predicts what you will type before bringing up the latest and most popular videos in conjunction with what you have entered. If you have an interest in this article, check out one of our other posts related to Google Instant, which can be found by following the link provided.

I think that Mr Aboukhadijeh deserves credit for what he has done and fully deserves the job offer. In light of Google Instants launch, Youtube Instant is a very simplistic and inevitable idea and it is good that a young mind has decided to create it rather than a big corporation who will make millions out of idea. Do you agree? We want to hear from you so leave us a comment with your opinions.