NFL’s Washington Redskins Defend Foursquare

NFL players do not only play hard but it seems their fans fight hard to decide their favourite location-based apps for check-ins. It seems that for those enjoying the Super Bowl Championships and following teams such as the Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots and Washington Redskins, they are deciding along with their teams what location apps they would rather use.

According to Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable, it seems that while the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots employ SCVNGR for fan challenges, the Redskins favour Foursquare. To make it easier for fans to access the app, check-in and unlock the official Redskins badge, the Redskins have just launched a location-based campaign.

Fans that may not be convinced by Foursquare, what it stands for and the unlocking of the badge, may be persuaded to join in once they find out what they could win! Check out Mashable for details of the grand prize. Coverage has been ripe for some time, of the benefits of social platforms. Benefits which the NFL teams will enjoy, are more public awareness of what the teams stand for, and it’s a good way of changing fans into ticket buyers.

What team do you follow? Are you convinced by location-based apps? Give us your comments. To read more on this log onto Mashable