Google Instant: Poll Indicates Success

Google Instant launched on Wednesday of this week and so far proves to be hit amongst users to the web. For those of you who may not be aware of this feature, Google Instant will make searches faster. It does this by means of a user putting in a search and text automatically being typed for you in the search box. Results are then highlighted.

When Mashable set up a poll to find out what users thought about this new feature to the web, results came in thick and fast concluding that Google Instant is a success! Jolie O’Dell reported on these results and it seems that of the 5,135 of you who were kind enough to vote, 53.2% feel that you like the new search feature and its functions, 30% disagreed with this, they did not like the feature, and around 16.7% were uncertain with their choice.

For half of you who voted for it, have commented that Google Instant delivers good search results whereas 45% thought that the features were entertaining to use and watch. Some 67.2% that disagreed commented that the information loaded was too much to digest. 4% who disliked Google Instant said that they very rarely use Google for a web search, and 28% disliked it for other reasons.

What are your feelings towards Google Instant? Is it a hit with you? Give us your comments below. To check out more on this story along with statistical information, log onto Mashable

  • bob

    google is no longer my default search engine…instant is smashing FAILURE!!!!

  • jerry

    if i can't disable google instant….google will no longer exist as my search engine