Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage Trade Barbs on Twitter

The popular social networking website Twitter is often used by celebrities to trade barbs with each other. The most recent was the war of words between rappers Soulja Boy and Fabolous. However, the latest celebrities trading barbs are footballers Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage.

According to a recent article over at, the Manchester United defender has been enjoying the banter between him and Savage on Twitter. The two have been bantering with each other since Savage teased Ferdinand over his performance against Manchester City last season.

The latest tweet came from Ferdinand, who teased Savage about his clash with Dion Dublin. The message read: Dion Dublin’s headbutt on you… Do you even remember it?! Lights out!” He continued on to say: “Dion just text and said you were squealing like a little girl??”

This was followed up by a tweet that said: “I think you’re taking your bitterness with getting released by Man Utd out on me. Are you ok?? Still hurting?!” Ferdinand then responded with: “Feeling good in training, I just love being back out on the pitch.”