You vs. YouTube: Challenge the stars at Trivial Pursuit

Youtube and Hasbro have teamed up to create a fascinating interactive game called, “Trivial Pursuit You vs. YouTube”. So if you have ever been interested by someone in their bizarre video and thought, “Hey I wonder what it would be like to meet them?” Then it may be your lucky day.

In fact, you can do better than that by playing against them in an online board game. The new game can be located on the video-sharing site for the next three months as a promotion for the new edition of the board game.

Click the link to Mashable for an interview about this new game with Gary Brolsma, or as everyone else knows him, the “Numa Numa” guy! The game is played as normal but against people on Youtube opposed to your friends. A slight gambling trend is included as you bet your earned points on whether you think your opponents will get the question correct or not.

If you cannot wait to play against the likes of the “Numa Numa guy” or the little boy from “Charlie Bit My Finger”, then follow the link to the Youtube website where you can play right away! What do you think about “You vs. YouTube”? Leave us your opinion in the comments section below.