Samsung Fascinate In 2 For 1 Offer

Reports yesterday indicated that the new Samsung Fascinate that has been eagerly awaited, can now be purchased online today and in store tomorrow September 9. But for those of you who have your car keys in hand ready to purchase one of these tomorrow, take a look at Verizon’s latest offer.

When Stan Schroeder at Mashable reported on this, it appears that Verizon are offering customers a buy one, get one free handset. The Samsung Fascinate will be available to by at a price of $199 together with a two-year contract with Verizon. Once this has been set up, you will be entitled to your free handset. Along with this it comes with a $29.99 data plan or higher required. Basically, this means that if you can entice a friend into signing up for a 2-year contract, you will both receive a $100 discount.

After digesting this information, take a moment to reflect on what this all means? If this offer sounds right up your street, then bear in mind the cost of the phone with a two-year contract will be $299, take the $100 mail in rebate into consideration, brings the total down to $199. This may mean that if two handsets are bought, then the initial outlay will be $399 and then two separate rebates will be issued making the second phone free.

Will you be tempted by this offer? Give us your feedback below. To check out more on this log onto Mashable