Samsung Galaxy Tab: Another Hands-on Review

Here at Online Social Media we’ve been keeping you in touch will all the news about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Android tablet device which is set to compete against the Apple iPad. We’ve already told you something about the specs and also a video but today we thought we’d give you some details of a hands-on review.

Harry McCracken over on PC World actually managed to get his hands on a Galaxy Tab at the IFA 2010 in Berlin and these are just some of the things he noted about the new device. For starters he noticed some snags with the touch-screen freezing for a few minutes and there were difficulties loading anything on the browser except strangely enough, from Google.

McCracken does note thought that there are good things about the Galaxy Tab such as the form and some software but for other software there seemed to be some difficulties. The smaller size of the Galaxy Tab is useful when you’re out and about and it was also noted that on first impressions it looked rather bulky compared to the iPad. However the writer did note this was not in fact an accurate notion as the Galaxy Tab and iPad are virtually identical in thickness.

The screen was said to be good and smooth and the keyboard “reasonably good.” The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be released running in Android 2.2, Froyo, and it was noted that some applications had been revamped to make use of a larger screen than that of a smartphone. However as far as the Android Market app store, one example of an app ran satisfactorily but apparently looked like a drawn out smartphone app rather than one designed for the larger screen of the Galaxy Tab.

This seems to be the major rub about the Galaxy Tab as McCracken points out the iPad currently has 25,000 apps designed specifically for the tablet format and that it will take several more Android tablet devices before Android tablet apps can hope to compete with the iPad. All in all though, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was deemed to be a respectable first stab at an Android tablet device. For more on this go to What are your thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Tab? We’d welcome your comments about this.