iPhone 4: 12 Apps For Outdoor Enthusiasts

With the ever increasing number of people purchasing the Apple iPhone 4, for those people who enjoy taking part in outdoor pursuits such as hiking, there are now 12 apps that could help you plan and remember your experience. Not only will you be enjoying your chosen outdoor hobby but will also have the added benefit of taking your latest device with you to help you along the way. Here are just some of the 12 apps that are definitely worth taking a look at!

When Sarah Kessler at Mashable reported on this, apps such as the AccuTerra, Star Walk, Scats and Tracks, Elevation Pro, iBird, Butterflies and Mushrooms are available to download before you set out on your hiking trail. For example, the iPhone AccuTerra app along with a map incorporating GPS coordinates, will help you track your chosen trail, placing markers along the way and giving the advantage of showing the duration, distance, pace and elevation gain at any time.

If an animal footprint is spotted whilst out hiking, the Scats and Tracks app provides you with everything you need to know about the animal that left the print including illustrations. For the avid birdwatcher, the new iBird app will give useful information including bird portraits, range maps, taxonomies and key factors to help with identification along with song and call recordings.

Do any of these outdoor apps appeal to you, if so, which ones? Give us your comments below. To check out these and more log onto Mashable

  • Jessica Flynn

    I have the new iBird PRO HD for the iPad and it’s completely altered the way I look at birds. What a treasure. Highly recommended. It’s got over 5 hours of bird call recordings and this amazing “search engine” which finds birds in your area. Thousands of beautiful drawings and photos. I’ll never buy another bird book.