Tony Blair autobiography provokes Facebook internet campaign

A controversial autobiography by Tony Blair has become the target of an internet campaign on Facebook. The book entitled, “A Journey” is just out and currently Blair is setting out to publicize it at various events and book signings around the U.K. However this is provoking a reaction that will be most unwelcome for Blair and his security advisors.

The book goes into detail about Blair’s political career and his policies over the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which he staunchly defends, according to Lauren Frayer over on AOL. However thousands of people have now joined an internet campaign on Facebook, the popular social networking site, which suggests that the book should be not in the autobiography section of bookshops but rather in the crime section.

The Facebook campaign bills itself as non-violent direct action and has already attracted over 4,000 members. The group is called “Subversively move Tony Blair’s memoirs to the crime section in book shops,” and features photos of the book moved surreptitiously to various departments of bookshops such as crime, fiction and even dark fantasy.

At the first book signing in Dublin yesterday there were around 200 protestors and eggs, shoes and other missiles were thrown at Blair as he arrived for the signing. Activists shouted out that Blair was a war criminal and had blood on his hands. Security agents had to step in to shield Mr. Blair and roads around the bookstore were closed. We are not suggesting that the activists involved in this protest are the same people who have joined the Facebook campaign.

There is one thing for sure however and that is that Tony Blair and his security advisors may have to take extra precautionary measures if he wants to continue with book signings. For more on this go to What do you think about the Facebook campaign? Maybe you’re thinking of joining it? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about this so please do send in your comments.