Victoria Beckham: Joins Twitter and quickly builds huge account

Ex Spice girl Victoria Beckham has recently decided to open a Twitter account, and within hours had racked up around 21,000 followers. is reporting that after signing up to her account, showbiz pal actress Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives tweeted: “Hey everyone, my dear friend Victoria Beckham is finally on twitter! Give her a warm welcome! @vbfashionweek.”

Eva Longoria currently has around 620,500 Twitter followers herself, but at this rate she could find herself being quickly overtaken by David Beckhams wife. As she gets ready for fashion week her first tweet said “Finally!! Leaving for UK tomorrow “Airport is my runway!!!” Can’t wait for fashion week! In love and light x VB.”

She follows the trend for a whole host of high profile stars joining social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Victoria Beckham still has a long way to go for she can match current Twitter queen Lady Gaga who has over five and half million followers.