Twitter Mobile Users: Up 62 percent in four months

Twitter continues to grow with the news that people using the mobile service has gone up sixty two percent since mid April. The fact that official applications have been released for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhones has had a big part in this figure.

Juan Carlos Perez of PCWorld is reporting that the number of Twitter users who sign up via a mobile device has gone up from five percent to sixteen percent, according to CEO of Twitter Evan Williams who wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

He also said “As we had hoped in April, these clients are bringing more people into Twitter, and, even better, they are attracting and retaining active users. Indeed, 46 percent of active users make mobile a regular part of their Twitter experience.”

People accessing Twitter via a mobile device are still mainly using Twitter’s own mobile site, which stands at 14 percent. The SMS service and the iPhone app accounts for 8 percent of users, while Twitter for BlackBerry stands at 7 percent.

It also emerged that the service now has 145 million registered users, adding around 300,000 per day, but still has a long way to catch Facebook who have past 500 million.