Apple iPod Touch 2010 Specs and Prices

Apple’s iPod Touch is the best selling iPod out of Apple’s range of MP3 players. The reason for this can be attributed to it being an iPhone, without the phone part. Many people get one so that they can have all the multimedia and app functionality without having to fork out for the expensive contract which comes with the iPhone.

On Wednesday Apple held their conference where they announced new iPods. This included an expected refresh to the iPod Touch, and now the Touch is even more like the iPhone than it was before. Now included is two cameras, one on the front for Facetime and one on the back which can shoot 720p HD video.

The new iPod Touch 2010 model has the same retina display as the iPhone 4 on its 3.5 inch multitouch display. The battery will last you up to 40 hours of audio playback and 7 hours of video, with much less if you are playing games on the device. It will charge in 2 hours to 80% capacity, and the device will be fully charged in 4 hours.

The iPod Touch is available in the US Apple store and the UK Apple Store (international users click on the flag icon at the bottom of the page to change location), and is available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB. The 8GB model costs £209 (£189 plus VAT, duty and levies), 32GB is £288 (£249 plus £39 VAT, duty and levies) whilst the 64GB model will cost you £381 (329 plus £52 VAT, duty and levies). Prices in the US are $229, $299 and $399 respectively, with taxes added on afterwards.

What do you think of the new iPod Touch? Let us know in the comments.

  • tman

    You've made a mistake with regards to the pricing of the 64GB iPod touch.

    It costs £329.00 including VAT at UK Apple store, NOT £381.00.

    • Jonathan Cordes

      That's what it says on their website, follow the link to the UK store to find out for yourself. Whether or not they have cheaper prices at the Apple Store, I have yet to find out. If what you say is true, however, go to your nearest Apple store and buy there!

  • Rachel

    cool, i have the old one and i like it but this new one has a camera x2 .. :)

  • Duaan L

    I, personally think that the new iPod Touch is a fantastic device, and I will definateley be buying one in the near future. I love the new HD camera functionality, making it easy for FaceTime calls, Taking stunning snaps, and even shooting 720p video!

  • Someone :)

    i heard you can't take pictures on it? whats the point of that ?

  • name

    how's the camera in it ? I read some where that it's only 0.7 mega pixel :S

    • Jonathan Cordes

      According to the website, the back camera takes "still photos (960×720) with back camera".

      I've heard that the iPod Touch camera is worse than the camera in the iPhone 4 due to the smaller size of the device. The better camera couldn't fit into the slimmer device.