When Facebook users turn bad: Torture case

Although Facebook, the popular social networking site, is used widely across the world, has many great benefits and has become very much part of people’s everyday lives, it has to be said that every now and again a story comes along that makes us realize that there can be drawbacks too.

For example a young conservative was recently forced to resign after making inappropriate comments on Facebook, and there was also the case of the teacher who also had to quit after some remarks she made on her Facebook page. Now it seems a message that was posted on Facebook to a woman in California had serious repercussions for her when her partner became so jealous he tortured her for 4 days, according to an Associated Press report.

Anthony Lozano, 36, was arrested at the weekend on suspicion of false imprisonment, kidnapping and torture, after allegedly keeping his girlfriend imprisoned for 4 days with their children also in the house. Apparently after seeing the Facebook message to his girlfriend Lozano accused her of having an affair and allegedly dragged her by her hair, choked her and threatened to kill her.

It’s a stark reminder that users of social networking sites should always be cautious about what they post, and also be careful about the messages they send to others. For more on this go to google.com. Have you ever received a message on a social networking site that caused you some trouble? We’d be interested to hear of your experience so why not send in your comments.

  • Fran

    In my case was actually the opposite…I found out my husband was cheating on me bcause his affair tagged their picture….however, have heard many stories about couples breaking up over allegedly affairs or misunderstandings on Facebook…being careful with what you post ( your profile or others) is definitely the best solution….

  • http://suicidetrees.tumblr.com Jen

    I found out my bf was cheating with someone he met on a social networking site… I don't know about being careful, maybe if the entire human race had morals and human decency it would fix the situation?