Dalton McGuinty Joins Twitter: ‘Premier Dad’ Embraces Social Networking

More and more politicians appear to be using social media and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter nowadays, even President Barack Obama has a Twitter account. The latest politician to have embraced social networking is Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

According to a recent article by cbc.ca, McGuinty – who is commonly known as “Premier Dad” for his “Father Knows Best” form of governing – only joined Twitter quite recently and by 4 pm on Monday, he had already accumulated more than 900 followers.

Jane Almeida – McGuinty’s spokeswoman – said that the popular micro-blogging website will allow him to speak directly with the people of Ontario about where he’s traveling to and what he’s up to, as well as talking to them about the government’s latest initiatives.

Almeida said that Dalton had been thinking about joining Twitter for quite some time, after hearing about it from his 4 children. In his very first tweet on Monday, the Premier said: “On the good advice of friends and family, I’ve decided to join the Twitterverse.”

You can read more about this via cbc.ca.

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    From here on in he`ll be known as "Twit Daddy"