YouTube inspirational videos to remember

YouTube is a relatively recent feature for many of us and just a few years ago played very little part in our everyday lives but the ever-growing success of the popular video-sharing site just goes on. Just recently it offered a new movie service and there was also a YouTube Charts launch to keep up with the most watched and popular videos ever.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see videos from past and present whenever we choose and as YouTube has itself been an inspiration to many, what better thing to choose to watch than some of the most inspiring videos, many of which are about moments that changed the world. Over on Mashable Amy-Mae Elliott has rounded up 10 of these videos and we’ll give you a few ideas for ones worth a viewing.

For starters many of us can remember watching the Fall of the Berlin Wall live back in 1989 and it certainly was one of the most stirring sights I can remember. The event brought with it a new era of freedom for Germany and scenes of east and west meeting once more were truly memorable. Another video is the Tiananmen Square Protests in China from 1989 and the image of one man standing firm against a line of tanks is heart-stopping. Apparently the man in the iconic video has never been identified but he signifies heroism at its best.

There are so many other notable videos to watch, the Moon Landings of 1969, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream speech from 1963 and even athletics with Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile. I urge you to check out the article on and watch the 10 videos and I guarantee you cannot fail to be roused by some and moved by others. What are your thoughts on these inspirational videos and what other moments do you think should be included? We’d be interested to hear your ideas about this so please do send in your comments.