Labour MP Diane Abbott abused on Facebook – Tory boy forced to quit

We’ve seen it happen many times before, people write things they maybe should have thought twice about on a social networking site, and it gets them into trouble, such as the recent case of a teacher having to quit after she made remarks about her job on Facebook. The latest example involves young and upcoming Tory, Edward Hallam, who was the Conservative Future national campaigns co-ordinator.

I say was, as due to a foul-mouthed rant on Facebook about Labour MP Diane Abbott, the 25-year-old Tory hopeful has been forced to quit, according to Will Payne over on the Mirror. Diane Abbott is currently standing in contention for the leadership of the Labour Party, and as any politician knows, putting yourself in the public eye, lays you open to criticism of all sorts.

Quite what Abbott did to deserve Hallam’s tirade of abuse though is not known but Hallam chose to write on Facebook that she was a “foul, ignorant, conceited c***”, and added that the prominent MP would make a great Labour leader. He then went on to say, “She’s a poisoned well, her policies are hate and bile, and she’s intellectually illiterate with a chip on her shoulder,” which does sound rather rich coming from Hallam bearing in mind the choice of language and wording he used.

Hallam was heavily involved in the Tory youth movement and was even on the front page of the Conservative Future website. However after the Tories were informed of Hallam’s Facebook post, his details were removed and he has had to quit. Diane Abbott’s spokeswoman said that the Hackney North MP did not wish to comment. Hallam has now apologised calling his comments, “inappropriate.”

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