Samsung Fascinate Release Date for Verizon Galaxy S

There are four Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphones in the U.S.; two are already on the market, while we still wait for the final two. We already know that the Epic 4G from Samsung will be with us on August 31st, but we have yet to here anything on the release date for the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon.

We do not understand why Big Red is keeping the release date of their Galaxy S handset such a secret, especially when they love to share with us the details of their Droid phones? However, Phandroid speculates that Verizon will not let September go by without a launch of a new Android handset.

We would have to agree, maybe Big Red will wait a couple of weeks after the release of the Samsung Epic 4G before they offer up any details of their Galaxy S smartphone?

According to a Phandroid tipster the handsets have already started to make their way to warehouses, but we cannot see why Verizon has yet to list them? Samsung made the device official some time back, so how come Verizon has yet to do so?

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    (Repeating my post over here)
    Verizon employee confirmed Launch date of Sept 8:
    I left Verizon for AT&T to get the Captivate.
    I got contacted by the Verizon win-back folks who wanted me to port back to Verizon.
    The $$/offer was mediocre, not too compelling- but when did tell him that I left for the Captivate, he said, without any hesitation, that the Fascinate launches on Sept. 8th.