Booyah Nightclub City’s Track List Contest for Musicians

Nightclub City is a casual game which you can play on Facebook. You start off with a small nightclub, and whilst you are spinning tunes, your friends come over to hang out at your nightclub. The purpose of the game is to complete tasks, hire friends and ultimately upgrade your bar so it’s the most popular club in town.

OSM has received a press release from Booyah, the company who created Nightclub City which says that they have announced the “Drop the Bass” contest. This competition enables music artists to submit their music for a chance to be featured within the Nightclub City game. It is claimed that in a few months, musicians with their songs in the game have received a 1000% in “likes” to their fan pages.

This looks to be a great way for up and coming musicians to get noticed. The tracks submitted will be listened to by Booyah, Indaba and Ableton employees who will choose a shorlist of songs. This shortlist will then be voted on by players, and the top 10 will be featured in the Nightclub City game. Since music is such a huge part of the game, free publicity like this could be invaluable for unsigned artists.

For more details on the competition, head on over to the contest website. Will you be entering this contest? Let us know in the comments.