iPod Touch 4G Release Date and Specs: Apple Media Event

We reported yesterday that the special Apple media event was going to be held on September 7th, but many of us were misled – that date has moved forward to September 1st. We assume that Steve Jobs will announce many things, but the most likely has to be the iPod Touch 4G.

We can also expect something on Apple TV (iTV) and hopefully an update to the MacBook Air, but it is the Touch that we are most interested in. September is always the month when Apple refreshes its iPod lineup, so is a good indication that this will happen on Wednesday.

As with all upcoming Apple device it is all speculation, and there have certainly been a few rumors as to what specs the new 2010 iPod Touch will offer. The most talked about has to be the addition of a main 5-megapixel camera and a front-facing camera for use with FaceTime.

We do not expect Apple to increase storage capacity, they did not do that on the iPhone 4 either, and there has to be a reason for this. Many believe that Apple is close to introducing their cloud-based iTunes – meaning that you will no longer have to store all the music on your device yourself.

This is all speculation; so make certain that you come back on September 1st, where we hope to have all the answers.

What are your expectations for the iPod Touch 4G?

  • lsalal

    why did you said ipod touch 4g? or you mean IPHONE touch 4g

    • saskia

      No…..The iphone 4g is already out. They ARE talking about the ipod touch 4g :)

      • sonyavading

        The new iPod Touch is just amazing, only problem is, what will happen to those people who had their old 3G? Just kiss and good-bye, I guess? New iPod touch Unbiased Impression. ..

        • victoriajade

          I know.. I JUST got my 3G 2 months ago for my birthday! I was told to wait for the 4G or go ahead and get the 3G..I went and got one right away, but if I had known the 4G has two cameras, I would've waited. I'm probally going to sell my 3G on eBay.

          • vinny_124

            if u bought ut at target or walmart or just a retail store just tell them that there is a problem with the ipod and u want ur money back, nd they will give u the money in as a gift card and u can just buy the new ipod with that, well i did this today nd it worked, but it has to be befor the 90 day warranty

    • Jack

      The Iphone 4 is out, the ipod touch 4g is being released roughly around september, i think they know what theyre talking about?

  • plasma

    If the new 4G ipod touch is shipped with dual cameras for face time I'll be a first time Apple customer!

    • Chance

      Same Here :)

  • gettinganitouch4g

    OHHHHH, CANT WAIT IM GETTING ONE!!!!!!! :)))))))))) V.HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Mike

    Can't wait. I didnt want to buy the 3 because i knew the 4g is coming out soon. I have been waiting

    • Jack

      Same here, i would say its worth the wait (:

  • dsadfewa

    the real question is will it be Jailbroken ?

    • jailbraker

      Devices dont come jailbroken you have to jailbreak them yourself and it voids your warranty. Its completley worth it though.

      • xxxx

        u can always unjailbreak it

      • zakkkk

        jailbreaks are reversable, just plug in and sync with itunes, and set up as a new ipod, apple wont know you ever jailbroke it, simple as that.

  • zholy

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  • nada

    yes they all are Jailbroken cap.

  • http://www.bituser.com Bit User

    I can't wait! Looking forward to it

  • ipod touch 4

    a jailbreak is a hack i dont think apple will hack there ipods but ipod touch 4 sounds cool im hoping for dual cameras

  • iPod Touch

    I don't know much about jailbreaking but I think it looks cool and I hope I can jailbreak my iPod Touch 4g when I buy it!!



  • iCory

    Just ordered one! Hope it’s as good as it seems!

  • http://www.freeipodtouch4g.co.uk Free iPod Touch 4G

    im getting one of these for sure. the pricing has been anounced and some online retailers are stocking them

  • James

    are you all aware that these devices (iphone and ipod are "iphone 4'!!! NOT 4G!! they are NOT 4G compatible!!! thanks

    • brandon

      "4" as in the fourth model, "G" as in Generation. thus iPod Touch Fourth Generation (4G)

  • destiny

    i cant wait im getting the ipod touch 4g ive been waiting a long time fo this ughh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lokienloki

    The new iPod Touch is just amazing, only problem is, what will happen to those people who had their old 3G? Just kiss and good-bye, I guess? New iPod touch Unbiased Impression..

  • heyaaa

    when is it out???

  • oudinmelanie09

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