Angry Birds webOS Pre App: More fun than iPhone

Angry Birds has taken the app world by storm on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, and up until now those with a Palm Pre have yet to experience the true enjoyment of the game (walkthrough of the game). That is until now, as Matt Hickey from Crave Cnet reports that Angry Birds has now been made available on webOS.

When I say that this version is more fun than the iPhone, I mean that in time wise, as the Pre battery will last much longer than the iPhone, so you can have hours more fun with the game.

Who would have ever thought that a simple game like Angry Birds would be downloaded 5 million times? That number is set to grow even larger now that you can download the game from the Palm store for $1.99.

Make certain what you are getting into before you download, once you start it will be hard to stop as you try and exact revenge on those pigs who stole your eggs. The idea is to take them out, while using the least amount of Angry Birds as you can.

For more details download from the Palm Store. Are you a fan of Angry Birds?

  • @PreNotes

    Palm's webOS takes game playing to a new level. Enjoy hours of gaming (Angry Birds will do that) without missing a thing. No other phone or OS compares.

  • thomas

    Er, what's the reason why the Palm version is double the cost? $1.99 vs $0.99. I thought Apple stuff was always more expensive!?

  • Confused

    Will the web os work on my samsung galaxy s?

  • Dimitri

    Probably because they don't expect as many downloads, so they have to cover the port costs + profit. Plus us WebOS users are rather starved for good games. We will pay double if needed, and they know that.

  • kmfmerritt

    is angry birds available for the pc?