Social Media Resource round up: All coverage areas

At the end of every week you can be certain of two things, you will dread the thought of going back to work, and that Mashable offers a social media resource guide. Yesterday was no different, with a round up of 26 resources for you to digest.

One of the most talked about from last week has to be Facebook places, which arrived in style with a new iPhone app – as well as a promotion video, which we discussed in two recent posts.

The list of 26 resource covers all areas of social media, from networking, tech and mobile and business. You will see from Zachary Sniderman article that there is something for all.

The social media resource list has a total of 11 articles, mobile and tech has 9 articles and business has 6. Visit Mashable now, for a greater insight to all that has happened over the past week.

What was the highlight of the week for you in the world of social media?