Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Codes: Root not needed

If you thought it was difficult to unlock your Samsung device then think again. Users of Samsung’s Vibrant on T-mobile and the Samsung Captivate on AT&T can unlock their handsets to any network. This has been recently demonstrated.

According to Sean Hollister at Engadget, they had the two handsets unlocked within the space of 5 minutes using a simple script and a USB cable. The procedure was made easier as the “Galaxy S” unlock codes are kept in a BAK file on the device itself, which can be found with a hex editor and key right in when inserting a new SIM card of your choice.

On trying out the two Samsung handsets, Engadget found the Vibrant gave out a 3G data connection (with 2Mbps down) using an AT&T SIM. On the flipside to this, the Samsung Captivate’s working speeds were reduced, more so than if it was on its normal network and operating on its own speeds.

Would you feel the need to unlock your mobile device? Give us your thoughts and check out the video below. To read more on this log onto Engadget