Social Media is Everywhere: Top 5 stories

Social Media is just about everywhere we go, we just cant seem to get enough of it! We wake up to it, use it at work and access it on our mobile phones. Is it becoming a culture now where we would be lost without it. How did we ever cope before? Five of the hottest social media trends of today are affecting each and every one of us.

According to Jennifer Van Grove at Mashable, she has reported on the five trends being: Social Scanning, Q&A and Intelligent Information Discovery, Group Buying, Mobile Loyalty and Checking-In to entertainment. Today, I am just going to talk about 2 of them. Social Scanning for users of smartphones can now have the added benefit of using advanced technology in comparison shopping apps. Users can access a barcode scanning app, scan a code and gain a wider knowledge of information. Check-in services such as SCVNGR are giving away QR code decals to retailers free of charge. News of sites such as “Stickybits” and “Bakodo” are not only taking the social scanning for users to check-in locations but to a next level of creating communities around brands and items via barcodes.

Mobile Meets Loyalty is expressed by the way in which smartphones in the future will be able to access loyalty, reward and club card programmes. Two apps for this will be “Key Ring” and “CardStar”. The idea behind this is that the latest barcode scanning technology will save users money on those gym cards, grocery store cards and drug store cards right there on their mobile handsets.

What are your thoughts on the growing trend in apps? Are we moving towards a society where no-one can survive without their portable devices? Give us your comments below. Check out Mashable to get more info on these 5 moving trends.