Facebook Acquired Check-in Service “Hot Potato”

As we reported back at the end of July, a rumor was spreading at that time that Facebook were in talks to possibly acquire social activity and check-in service provider “Hot Potato”. Today, news has it, that Facebook have bought the provider for a whooping $10 million in cash.

When Robin Wauters at TechCrunch reported, Hot potato which has attracted many users to its site have commented that “The recent deal with Facebook was not an easy decision to make, especially since they had built up a base of dedicated users. If Hot Potato was going to sell to anyone, Facebook was the natural choice. Facebook is still small, moves fast, provides a great supportive environment for people to be entrepreneurial, and most importantly, Facebook builds great products. We’re looking forward to joining their team”.

Hot Potato’s social activity and check-in service provider gave the advantage of connecting friends and fans to live events. For the new handover to run smoothly, Hot Potato will be shutting down their operations in about a month’s time when all data will be deleted, but rest assured, they will be offering existing users a way to download all their information.

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