iPhone: UK Criminals Busted

After a month long investigation by police in London, on Wednesday saw 9 suspected fraudsters being arrested on charges of thousands of stolen iPhones and millions of pounds worth of phone charges.

According to Josh Ong at AppleInsider, the investigation which started in July pinpointed over £1.2 million being stolen from mobile telecom provider O2. The criminal gang of 9 aged between 18-42, were using SIM cards and some sort of automated dialler to phone numbers which at times would cost the bill payer £10 a minute.

Using identities taken from random people and the use of fraudulent credit cards, the gang managed to purchase the iPhones along with the contracts. It seems that a so called “middleman” would then take the SIM card out to then sell it on to phone scammers and ship the handsets overseas. The advantage to this is that the handsets can then be resold up to a value of £450 abroad. AppleInsider reported that in just one raid the police found at least £15,000 worth of iPhones still in their original packaging.

Have you been on the receiving end of a scam such as this? Give us your comments below. To read more on this check out AppleInsider