Benihana’s Unique Photo-Marketing Solution

The nation’s biggest chain of Japanese and sushi restaurants Benihana Inc., have just given away the one millionth photo memory using Photo Touch. The system allows guests to have a high-quality print photograph, and also gives an online version to share and download.

Photo Touch was first installed less than two years ago in the company’s 71 restaurants across the U.S., and since then has given away one million branded photos to its guests. The Benihana website has had more than 800,000 people logging on to view and download their photos, or share them via social networking sites.

Jeannie Means who is Benihana’s senior director of marketing said “Benihana is known as a destination for celebrations, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or receiving an A on a test, and people dine with us for this celebratory, fun-filled experience.”

Using a digital camera to capture the image which is then wirelessly sent to a computer where software adds the Benihana logo, before a username and password are created so the image can be uploaded to the internet. A hard copy is given to diners and they now also have the option to go online to print, view and share with family and friends. The photo login is based on the company’s website which helps to drive up traffic to it and further market the brand.