New 160GB / 320GB PS3 Slim Models: Release date

For fans of the PlayStation 3, there is now some good news that some of you may have been waiting patiently for! Although we have heard announcements from Sony in the past, this latest piece of news from them seems to be quite pointenant. Its official, users can look forward to a 160GB and 320GB slimline version of the PS3.

According to JC Fletcher at JoyStig Beta, Sony have announced this new hardware in configuration with its latest Gamescom presentation. News has it, that the 160GB model (which will replace the standard 120GB) will hopefully arrive in the month of October in Europe retailing for 299 Euros. Along with this, the 320GB model will be available September 15 as part of a Move bundle for a slighter higher cost of 349 Euros. At this present stage, we have to take this information as purely speculation.

For those of you in North America, giants Sony have announced on PlayStation Blog that the 160GB will be shipped retailing at $300 and the 320GB complete with Move bundle will retail at $400 on September 19.

Have you been waiting for this forthcoming news? Give us your thoughts below. To read more on this check out JoyStig Beta