Google’s Eric Schmidt: Facebook a “company of consequence”

With the ever increasing popularity of social media sites, and personal information that users are divulging, it is not surprising that this at times has caused some debate. Google boss “Eric Schmidt” has his own opinions on this and particularly social networking site “Facebook”.

Schmidt has commented that as user numbers increase on the web, the information that at times can be exposed to just about everyone, could end up with dire consequences. According to The Press Association, when Schmidt spoke to the Wall Street Journal, he said “I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time”. He further went on to describe Facebook as a “company of consequence”.

Google one of the biggest search engines and offering its own services such as Gmail and Google Street View are themselves handling people’s data on a daily basis. Who knows what the future holds for these online social networking sites? For Google, it may be that searches are carried out on the user’s behalf without them needing to type.

What are your views on this? As a user of the internet, are you careful what information you give out? We would be interested to read your comments. Check out The Press Association for more information