Pakistan Flooding: Google Earth Imagery and relief effort

As many of you will be aware, Pakistan has recently been hit with the worst flooding in the country’s history. Recent estimates have the number of people affected by the flood at over 14 million and with monsoons approaching; floods are expected to get worse.

According to Ka-Ping Yee at, their Crisis Response team has been working to not only build new tools but to also use existing ones, to help the current relief efforts. Despite Google Earth being able to provide imagery for disasters in the past, cloud cover has prevented this in Pakistan.

However, every effort is being made to obtain and share the satellite imagery, as soon as they possibly can. Ka-Ping Yee goes on to say that they have just launched a page in both English and Urdu, where people can find information and resources on donation opportunities.

A new Resource Finder tool is available as well. This provides updated information on which services are available from various health facilities. Relief workers are then able to gain access to up-to-date information on services, equipment, doctors and beds available in neighboring facilities.

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