Israeli and Palestinian Facebook Photo: Unfair and immoral

Over recent months, Facebook, the online social networking site, has been in the spotlight due to privacy issues, the forthcoming movie in October and so on. The latest controversial story to hit the site is in relation to images of a former Israeli solder “Eden Aberji” posing alongside blindfolded Palestinian prisoners.

According to, Aberji, posted 26 images into an album on her Facebook account. She named the album “The Army the best days of my life”. Understandingly, the images have caused outrage amongst Palestinian groups and authorities. They have been dubbed as “being unfair, immoral and humiliating to those in the photos.
When reported by, an existing page on Facebook has commented on Aberji’s shameful behavior, the account named “We hate Eden Aberjil” which consisted of hate messages aimed at the soldier.

For now, it is not clear whether the soldier concerned, will face some sort of disciplinary action.

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