Hulu vs. YouTube Add Impressions: Former 3x more

Hulu and YouTube has been in a constant battle when it comes to video add impressions, but would you believe that the former has managed to generate 3 times as much as Google owned YouTube? The numbers really do speak for themselves – 783 and 219 million.

Samuel Axon from Mashable came across these figures from a recent comScore report for the month of July. The report offered more details than just video ad impressions, such as viewership data.

Take Google, they had 143 million viewers in July, that’s compared to just 28 million on Hulu. We have to ask ourselves why there is a huge difference in viewers to add impressions?

Axon explains that the reason for this is due to the fact that not all YouTube videos display ads, and the longer Hulu videos often shows multiple ads. Do not worry about YouTube income just yet, as they rely more on banner ads and pop-ups.

Do these video ads take away the enjoyment of watching a video, or it is a small price to pay to watch these videos for free?