Foursquare New Privacy Settings Ahead of Facebook Announcement

Earlier today we reported that Facebook was expected to make an announcement that they were to make the transition into the location service, so came as no surprise that Foursquare made an announcement of their own. The geo-location service has unveiled new privacy settings – something that has always been and issue for Facebook.

Samuel Axon from Mashable has learned that the new settings will now make it possible for a user to hide their email address and other important details – such as phone numbers. To make it easier for you to understand these new settings, Foursquare has set up a new “Privacy 101” guide.

There is also a chart that allows you to view what the defaults are set too and how you go about changing the settings – so very different to the Facebook set-up. This is certainly perfect timing from Foursquare, knowing that Facebook is to make an announcement tomorrow.

We do not know for certain what Facebook will announce, but most assume that it will be the shift into location services. We are not certain how popular this service – if it happens – will be, as their privacy settings have come under fire on a number of occasions.

Will Facebook be able to compete with Foursquare?