Security Suite Virus Removal Like Antivir Solution Pro

There have been a number of reports that computers are being infected with a Security Suite virus, and the most asked question has been how to remove it? Thankfully Bleeping Computer explains that it is a lot like the same issue as the Antivir Solution Pro – so the removal guide will be similar.

Your first step would be to download a few virus removal utilities onto a different computer – thankfully these are all free. The three that you need are CCleaner, Malwarebytes AntiMalware and rkill – more details on where to download these can be found on PR News.

For those of you who do not have another computer at your disposal, then just download them while your infected computer is in safe mode with Networking. Now you have the choice of downloading the files onto your desktop or to transfers the files that you already have on CD to the desktop.

We could go on in detail about what to do next, but we thought it would be better for you to visit Bleeding Computer for the complete and in-depth removal guide. Did the Security Suite Virus removal guide work for you?

  • Lisa Harding

    No it didnt work and the damn virus is running rampant and my machine is destroyed.

  • Sean

    @Lisa Harding

    lmfaooo!!! I'm so sorry, but it worked fine for me.

  • namreh

    it worked great!!! thanks!

  • FML! OTL

    It's saying everything I'm trying to open is infected with a virus, this must be one of the worse virus' you can get… I can't even open my anti-virus!!!