BlackBerry Storm 3 vs. Torch 9800: LTE deciding factor

With the ever increasing number of smartphones currently coming onto the market, users have a difficult choice knowing which one to choose? New edition smartphones such as the BlackBerry Storm 3 and the Torch 9800 are prime examples of this. So which is it to be?

According to Mont at Wireless, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 offers great new features such as external QWERTY keyboard, touch screen, updated messaging service including the facility for up to 10 people and locations, social networking sites accessing Facebook and Twitter and what about the 5mp camera to name but a few. On second thoughts compare this to the BlackBerry Storm! The Storm offers yet another great touch screen, this device is expected to be faster and offer a mobile hotspot ability. The feature that may sway users into upgrading to the Storm 3 is the possibility that it may have LTE (Long Term Evolution) 4G technology.

So, for users what smartphone will appeal to them? Some users are in a difficult situation with regards to upgrading their device. Currently, their BlackBerry will not be supported by RIM for an upgrade to the OS 6. This understandingly puts users in an awkward position wanting the unique features that the OS 6 offers.

So, which smartphone will be your preferred option? Will you choose the Torch or wait for the Storm 3? Give us your comments. To read more about this check out Wireless

  • Derek

    One is AT&T is the other is Verizon…that's the deciding factor.

  • J Kane

    I am a Blackberry user and I do love my phone. However, the Torch release has underwhelmed me in terms of the hardware provided. I think I may actually make the switch to an iPhone despite my desire to stick with a Blackberry.

    • vicky

      What ever you do stay away from the IPHONE!!!!!

      • xxxx

        your right stay away i hate my iphone

  • J frank

    i wish touch was on VZW but i will have to wait for the storm 3>>>> ATT just does not match up in my area>

  • chetan

    waiting for the storm 3 – if it is likely to have 4G i'd rather hold out and from what I've read there's a possibility of the storm having a separate OS (i.e. not 6.0 but its own unique one) which sounds interesting!

    anyone any ideas on Storm 3 possible realease period?

  • jco

    storm 3…… wwoooowww