Dell Streak vs. iPad: Android Tablet: Half the price

Dell, the information technology company that develops, sells and supports computers are now launching a new “Tablet” on 12 August for half the price of an Apple iPad. The “Dell Streak” tablet as it will be known, will be running on Google’s Android OS and comes with superb features competing against the likes of the Apple iPad. With news of Apple releasing a newer version of the current iPad, does Dell need to be worried?

According to Ben Parr at Mashable, the Dell Streak will feature front and back facing cameras, Wi-Fi, 3G capabilities and a 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Compare the two iPad’s! The Dell Streak will be smaller and cost less than an Apple iPad which start at a pricier $499.00 for the 16GB version and $629.00 for the 3G. The Dell Streak will retail at $299.99 for a two-year AT&T contract and $549.99 for an unlocked edition.

For users it highlights the question? Dell Streak or iPad? Both iPads have their own unique selling points and if cost comes into the equation then the Dell has to be considered as a stiff contender.

What do you think about Dell’s latest edition? Will the price sway you into buying one? To read more about this check out Mashable

  • @MartinMTurner

    The problem for Dell is that its machines are universally associated with boring but functional. No matter how many gadgets Dell puts on the front and back of its device, it still has the Dell logo on it, and a design heritage which is cubicle rather than cool. The difference between the two philosophies is already clear in the pre-publicity. As per the article above, Dell are already marketing on the features rather than the experience. Apple — prior to announcement — was quite reticent on the features, and instead focused on the game-changing aspects of the device.

  • Matt

    You're comparing apples to oranges. The price of the Dell Streak are subsidized over a 2-year contract with AT&T. Is that contract going to be at the same pricing tier as the iPad? That certainly plays a part in the cost analysis between the 2 devices. Considering that you can jailbreak an iPad and make it completely unlocked, saving the $80 to go with a DELL product is completely not worth it in my opinion. Because…you know…Dell makes such great products these days. Look at how well their netbooks perform (huge sarcasm).